Since 1997, doctoral candidates trained in a wide variety of academic and professional fields have sought out editorial and consultation services in order to complete their dissertations. Dr. Greenblatt has successfully advised to completion Ph.D.s in the fields of Clinical Psychology, Comparative Literature, and Visual Studies from institutions as diverse as the University of California Berkeley to the Wright Institute. Mentoring and advisement often extends into the postdoctoral era, in the specific and highly demanding areas of job seeking and professional representation.

In 1996, Greenblatt served as guest editor of the British cultural studies journal parallax with the visual artist Stephanie Ellis. The special issue featured their Work/Space project and its cultural investigation of corporate culture in the late twentieth century. The contents of the journal and the contributions of the writers, however, extended well beyond the question of corporate culture to include studies of architecture, film studies, and original examples of research in cultural studies that focused upon issues such as the semiotics of corporate software programs. Since the publication of that journal, a number of individuals, mainly academics and artists, have sought out Dr. Greenblatt’s consultations for article and book-length projects.

"Catherine Greenblatt has the unusual and uncanny ability to listen deeply,
while at the same time she is able to keep a broad and wide ranging
perspective. This creates an opportunity for writing and thinking to develop
in unexpected ways and for exciting connections to be made. Catherine
Greenblatt was an indispensable part of my dissertation, in part because she
was able to know what I knew before I was able to know it."

Susan Greene, Ph.D.

"Dr. Greenblatt is the ideal editor for writers doing contemporary
cultural studies and criticism. She is deeply knowledgeable about
contemporary thought and cultural theory, especially in the context of
the arts and visual culture. As an editor of writing, Catherine is sensitive
and detail oriented, but she is also able to address different ways of
structuring book length studies, encouraging innovative approaches, while
making sure the arguments and language remain clear. She has intellectual
breadth, scholarly depth and a love for written language that makes her a
fine reader and editor of contemporary scholarship in the arts and

Jeffrey Skoller, filmmaker, writer and Associate Professor of video and new
Media, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Skoller is also author of
"Shadows, Specters and Shards: A Poetic of the Image of History in
Avant-garde Film", forthcoming University of Minnesota Press.

"In need of an editor and consultant for my Comparative Literature Ph.D.
dissertation, I turned to Dr. Catherine Greenblatt. She provided the
tactical and practical expertise I sought; but she did much more. She
offered her own intellectual resources with which, during our bi-weekly
meetings, I was able to engage in a wide-ranging conversation that I credit
greatly for advancing my writing project and broadening its scope. Beyond
superb dissertation consultation, Dr. Greenblatt worked with me as I
prepared to enter the academic job market. Her contribution to my
professional development -- and more importantly, to my own thinking about
my academic project -- has been exceptional."

Lincoln Shlensky, Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Berkeley